Craaaaaaazy Town Redux

No pictures – all words.

We went down to Crazy Town to celebrate Swee’Pea’s birthday. The drama was boiling over as always.

One month ago, the Sea Hag’s father was discovered dead in his car in a friend’s (who is VERY well known to both the local and state police) driveway. His body was soaked with water and there was some blood in is beard. His money was missing and the gas tank was empty even though ATM records show he had just gassed up the car the day before.

The “friend” stated that they saw him sleeping in the car and threw a bucket of water on him to rouse him… Nice, huh?

The coroner has not yet released the cause of death.

My son and his family have been living with the mother since this happened. She is afraid to be in the house alone because she is convinced that J*m is visiting them and that his spirit is still in this house. Both Mom and the Sea Hag are absolutely terrified and neither wants to be in the home alone. So, Popeye is paying rent on his home but living with his mother-in-law because his wife refused to leave her mother. His wife was actually sleeping in her mom’s bed while my son is sleeping on a twin mattress in a tiny room cluttered with clothes and suitcases.

Well, after we left on Sunday, the Sea Hag began to fight with my son, her mom and her brother. She actually went after her brother and punched him in the face. Her mother threw her out of the house and surprise, surprise, she hasn’t returned. Her mom is now watching the kids all day and then my son takes care of them at night. No one knows where the Sea Hag is staying, but she does occasionally text something vile to my son, so we know she’s still alive.

I have to ask myself….WHO THE HELL ARE THESE PEOPLE???????????? Who acts like this? In what world is this behavior considered normal? Who throws water on a sleeping or dead man and then walks away from the car? What newlywed sleeps in her mom’s bed for over a month while her husband sleeps in the next room? What kind of mom abandons her two beautiful children to be cared for by a grieving grandmother?

I want to run back to Crazy Town and grab my son and my grandchildren and throw them in my car and bring them back to my home. But I guess the Sea Hag will get me for kidnapping.

…and Poolie, thanks for worrying about me! You’re a sweetie!


About JJ

“"Being Irish, he had an abiding sense of tragedy, which sustained him through temporary periods of joy.'” William Butler Yeats
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4 Responses to Craaaaaaazy Town Redux

  1. poolagirl says:

    Sea Hag and her family are so dysfunctional. Candidates for the Jerry Springer show!

  2. mercystreet says:

    How sad for you to have to know that situation with your grandchildren. What a mess.
    I am glad you told me where you are journal wise now.

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