Summer’s End at Longwood Gardens

Hub and I went to Longwood Gardens yesterday and my main goal was to check out all the lily pads.  Along the way Hub stopped to check his watch against Mr. Dupont’s sundial and he pronounced it a little slow.

We then wandered past the fountains and said hello to this old fellow.

Why do I always have to find a bathroom when I walk past these fountains??

While I looked for the bathroom, Hub went into the pump room and read every damn sign about how the damn pumps worked.  Over a million plants, trees and flowers and he’s reading blueprints from 1939.  Oy!

""JJ, come here, this is really interesting!"

…and I responded from my Juliet like balcony….

“….It’s too freaking hot in there!  Get the hell up here and find me a bathroom!”

Pics of lily pads tomorrow!!


About JJ

“"Being Irish, he had an abiding sense of tragedy, which sustained him through temporary periods of joy.'” William Butler Yeats
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