…and Hub had the Balls to Give Me Some Attitude

I took the day off from work to get ready to leave for a week down the shore tomorrow and this is what I did.

Washed and hung on the line 2 loads of towels and sheets

Washed and dried 8 other loads of wash

Cleaned out the refrigerator

Cleaned and refilled Lola’s automatic food and water bowls

Scooped Lola’s box


Emptied all of the trash cans in the house

Watered all of my house plants

Picked about 25 tomatoes and split them up between my two neighbors

Went to Kmart and bought cat food and clothes detergent

Returned books to library

Completed some legal paperwork for Hub

Ran and then emptied the dishwasher

…and Hub actually had some attitude when I told him he’d have to go downstairs to get his own suitcase.  As$hole!


About JJ

“"Being Irish, he had an abiding sense of tragedy, which sustained him through temporary periods of joy.'” William Butler Yeats
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6 Responses to …and Hub had the Balls to Give Me Some Attitude

  1. Poolie says:

    Oooh! He needs an attitude adjustment!

  2. LA says:

    I hope you have a wonderful time! A week at the shore sounds heavenly.

    Funnily I’ve been skipping the make-up lately too. Gads, I remember when I wouldn’t even wait outside for the bus with Alex in the morning unless I was perfectly dressed, coiffed, and painted. I love being free of all that self-criticism and harshness to ourselves, don’t you? ~LA

  3. kenju says:

    Are we married to the same man?

  4. JJ says:

    I think God has a xerox machine up there somewhere…

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