Restroom Rendezvous

I went to Weight Watchers tonight.


I had no intention of going back to Weight Watchers again, but my daughter asked me to go with her.  We are both overweight, but honestly I wasn’t concerned about my weight..  I’ve worn the same clothes for the last two years and they’re tight in the same places – not more, not less.

But…and that’s my big butt…(heeheehee) my daughter didn’t want to go by herself and I want to help her reach whatever goals she reaches for, so I found myself standing on a scale at 5:45 this evening.

Yep, I was a little surprised by the number, so…here we go again.  Don’t worry, this is not going to turn into a weight loss blog, ’cause I’m already bored talking about it.

So let me tell you about my husband’s and my romantic rest room rendezvous.  On Friday, before we got on the highway, we stopped at Starbucks and got a large coffee for him and a large chai tea for me.  After about 90 minutes on the road, we both realized we needed a bathroom break.  We had passed about 50 gazillion McDonalds, Wawa’s, and Starbucks, but now when we really needed one, there were none to be found.

I suddenly spotted a Giant food store and yelled to Hub, “Make a left, NOW!!!!!!”

We screeched into the parking lot and ran into the store.  After stopping at the Customer Service desk for the location of the bathrooms, Hub and I ran down the candy aisle, into the dairy section, and then crashed through the double doors on the left to find…one bathroom…behind a huge steel door…that was locked.

We had waited for about three minutes when suddenly the steel door opened and a woman stepped out.  I grabbed the door and said to Hub, “Come on, come in with me.”

Now you have to understand that in 33 years of marriage, Hub and I have never used the bathroom at the same time – not out of any false sense of decorum – the opportunity has just never come up.

Hub hesitated for only a second and then ran in with me and slammed the door shut.

We’re still laughing at the expression on the little old man’s face who was waiting when we exited the bathroom together five minutes later!!


About JJ

“"Being Irish, he had an abiding sense of tragedy, which sustained him through temporary periods of joy.'” William Butler Yeats
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  1. Lynn says:

    Where do I begin you hussy you….lmao

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