Bedazzled Jesus

Last night Hub and I went to Borders.  We wanted to go to Barnes and Noble, but after driving around for 20 minutes, we realized that it was gone.  When the hell did that happen?

I don’t like Borders – I never have.  The shelves are always a mess and the employees never know where the hell anything is.  Of course, as a previous employee of Barnes & Noble, I may be a little biased, but I think the people at B & N are smarter and more well read than the employees at Borders.

As I entered the store, I was hoping to see some Christmas books and music displayed in a cozy nook.  Instead, this atrocity is what assaulted my eyes.

A pink sparkled Mary and a purple sparkled Jesus!!  They were displayed next to pink and purple sparkle Christmas trees.  What the hell do these colors have to do with Christmas?

To prove my point regarding the  superiority of B&N over Borders, I just surfed over to the B&N website…and pictures DO speak louder than words.

Dainty Christmas Reindeer

Sweet Woodland Glitter Creatures

Do you get my point?  I’m not a Christmas snob, but really – a bedazzled Jesus?? – Really????


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“"Being Irish, he had an abiding sense of tragedy, which sustained him through temporary periods of joy.'” William Butler Yeats
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12 Responses to Bedazzled Jesus

  1. Eww… pink sparkled and Christmas don’t even belong in the same sentence, and when you throw in “Jesus” and “Mary” it’s outrageous.

  2. Lynn says:

    Which B&N were you looking for?

  3. LA says:

    Those are AWESOMELY tacky! The all one color thing gives them too much of an injection mold cheapness though. Now if they had sparkly clothes and flesh colored faces…oh yeah. We’d be talking major campy and gaudy.

    I think B&N recently ate Borders. Justice since Borders ate Waldenbooks. It might take a bit of time for your grubby borders to be converted, or B&N may keep some Borders as their low-rent cousins. Dunno yet. ~LA

  4. It’s kind of shocking, isn’t it? What is the message here??
    It is sad to read that another B & N has gone the way of ALL GREAT Bookstores…What is happening with that?? They say people aren’t buying as many books—Well, msybe not, but….Barnes & Noble was and is An Institution! Borders is a place to stop for aq cupof coffee….Help!

  5. Lynn says:

    Sadly, that one closed about 2 years ago and became a real estate office, yes? More sadly, last I heard B&N was up for sale. Wish we could buy it. Can you imagine how amazing that chain would become with two bibliophiles at the helm?

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