The Shoe that Launched a Thousand Purchases

Yesterday Hub and I did a lot of Christmas browsing – not shopping (yuch, blech) – browsing.

I stopped Christmas shopping after I read this book years ago and it (along with the EfFexor) changed the way I look at the holidays.

Unplug the Christmas Machine

I’m happy to decorate and bake and sing and sit down to dinner with some relatives that I really don’t care for, but I refuse to do the whole shopping thing.  Everyone (except Swee’Pea I and II) gets a check or a gift card – I’m happy and they’re happy.

While we were wandering through the stores, I noticed that just about everyone was wearing boots.  Black, brown, white, thigh, knee or ankle length, suede, wool and leather.  After about 3 hours of this I decided I needed to get me some boots!

We drove around and ended up at a shopping center in Delaware with a DSW and a Barnes and Noble.  I dumped Hub at B&N, and ran into DSW.  I fell in love with these boots in brown suede.

White Mountain "Pretender"

I tucked my jeans into the boots and posed in front of all of the mirrors, but something just didn’t look right.  I didn’t look stylish and young – I looked old and frumpy.  Then I realized I was missing the most important part of the ensemble – the  jeggings!!! My mom jeans weren’t working – I had to find the jeggings so that I can look exactly like the girl below…the leggings/jeggings will do it, right????

Not me, but you get the picture...

DSW had some jeggings but the coloring reminded me of my stone washed denim jeans from the 90’s and I never – repeat –  NEVER want to revisit that era.  Well, I bought the boots and figured I’d go online today to find the required pants to wear with them.

This morning I decided I had to try on these jeggins so I ran to Target (as you can see, I only shop at high-end department stores) and bought two pairs of black leggings and one pair of dark blue jeggings.  Then I had to buy a couple of long tops to wear with the leggings/jeggings to insure that my ass doesn’t look like two bull dogs fighting in a black knit bag when I walk down the street.

Then I had to buy some boot socks to wear with the boots.  These boots have definitely cost me way too much time and money, let me tell ya!

I’ll be sure to show you a picture as soon as I can wrestle those jeggings over my ass.


About JJ

“"Being Irish, he had an abiding sense of tragedy, which sustained him through temporary periods of joy.'” William Butler Yeats
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9 Responses to The Shoe that Launched a Thousand Purchases

  1. twisterjester says:

    Never before heard them called jeggings, though it makes sense. I would dearly love to buy a pair of awesome boots. Sadly, my body size looks at boots and the boots expire laughing. I’ll have to get my jeggings and boots vicariously through you. Enjoy yours twice as much, okay? You’re entitled to my share too.

    • JJ says:

      Oh, go ahead and get some boots – these are so comfortable and warm!!

      • twisterjester says:

        It’s not that. It’s that I can’t get boots that fit. I have XX wide feet AND need wide calves too. Might find some online but loath to buy footwear online ever.

  2. Poolie says:

    Oh! Be sill my heart! Boots!

  3. terri t. says:

    I love the idea in my head of how great I would look in Jeggings and cool boots with a lovely tunic sweater too.
    I spend my morning very daringly by ordering Christmas gifts online. You are right, gift cards are the answer but somehow it’s fun to come up with something unexpected from time to time too. (Of course, I ordered more things for myself than anyone else this time…..My bad!)

    • JJ says:

      I just ordered formula to be shipped to my son’s house in VA from Target – but that kind of shopping is OK. Christmas shopping is not OK.

  4. LA says:

    Excellent! You’ll be dynamite in those. I love boots. The ones you got are fab! Well done, girlfriend. ~LA

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