Highs and Lows

Hub and I went to see this movie last night.  He loves history and I love Colin Firth so I knew we would both like it.  Popeye and the Sea Hag bought us a gift card to Regal theatres for Christmas that we wiped out with the purchase of two tickets, a small popcorn, a small coke and a box of Raisinets.  The acting was superb  – after a few minutes I forgot that I was watching Colin Firth as he exposed us to this soon-to-be King’s horrible anxiety about his stammer and his place in history.

So from a lovely date night to a horrible day job.  I know I am well-respected in my place of business.  The newer employees always come to me for an answer if they can’t find a manager.  My work ethic, my intelligence and my experience in the medical insurance “world” is very much appreciated.

Today I received my monthly report.  My supervisor told me that although I answered over 1700 phone calls in January, of the ten ….count them, 10 calls that she monitored, I had two errors.  She explained the errors to me and I politely disagreed with her that an error had been made.  Without going into detail, I guess she thinks that in addition to dealing with 1700 phone calls monthly, I should also

  • have a degree in mental health to deal with all of the problems of our members who call, crying hysterically about their husbands beating them or the cost of the wedge they have to put under their newborn’s crib to keep them from vomiting with acid reflux.
  • have a teaching degree to explain to our members what the word “deductible” mean
  • speak fluent Indian, Mexican and Korean to deal with the office staff of the providers.

Oh, I should also have a fricken crystal ball so that I can read someone’s mind over the phone and know that the question they are asking me is not really the question they want answered.

I hate my job.




About JJ

“"Being Irish, he had an abiding sense of tragedy, which sustained him through temporary periods of joy.'” William Butler Yeats
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4 Responses to Highs and Lows

  1. Poolie says:

    I can relate. Some people just want to pick you apart.

  2. One of the little-acknowledged side effects of our economic crash is to the people who ARE working. We are afraid to leave intolerable jobs because there’s all too good a chance we will become among the chronically unemployed. And employers know it. Even the “good” employers have instigated ridiculous, stifling conditions lately, simply because they know they can.

  3. LA says:

    We loved ‘The King’s Speech’! Mick keeps saying that despite loathing Brit royalty and that there wasn’t a single gun fight or explosion it’s still the BEST movie he’s ever seen. The truth of the acting swept us both up.

    And supervisors? Feh. I had one rate my sales ability as ‘adequate’ and my dealings with customers as ‘sub-par’. Right. I was the highest grossing salesperson in the entire company on three continents! And had over a dozen thank you letters from customers who were so happy with my help. Who sends a salesperson thank you notes for being helped in a fricken housewares store? But, you know, I was just sub-par and adequate. After I left sales in that store dropped 45%. There were 23 other salespeople, btw. The manager who rated me so low was canned 3 months after I left because of the stunning drop in sales. Bwahahahaha! So take your supervisor’s crap with a huge boulder of salt, my friend. ~LA

  4. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED, “THE KINGS SPEECH”…it is such an inspiring story and all the actors were superb! I am a BIG Colin Firth fan and I thought he did a masterful job—I PRAY he wins The Oscar!

    Your Supervisor sounds like SHE needs some Mental Health Help!!! Really!
    I don’t blame you for hating your job, my dear….1700 calls sounds utterly overwhelming….!

    As to “WHO” the person is that I mentioned on my blog—You will just have to wait…lol…I will tell you this: It is not a Famous Movie Star…..!

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