Just Knitting Around

Here I am with my helper, Lola, working on my scarf with my ever-present fountain Diet Coke by my side!!

"Madam, I believe you dropped a stitch."

…and here is the finished project.

Ready for Autumn!

I could have just kept going and going and going…

Longer Than Me!

I knitted a lot in the car on our way to and from Virginia to see our son and our grandchildren.   Would you believe that after driving over 6 hours to see our grandchildren, she texted me when we were about 20 minutes away from their house the following:

“Your son took 280 out of money without saying shit if I don’t get it back these kids stay with me”

I studied the message for about two minutes before turning to my husband and saying, “Um, Sweetie, I believe we may have a problem.”

You know, this is so typical of her crap that it really didn’t throw me this time.  I called my son and he told me that she was following him on a major highway in VA and had just cut people off in order to try to run him off the road.  Fortunately, the kids were at her mom’s house.

He called the sherrif”s department, and then she started sobbing and telling him she just wanted to be with her father (Remember he died in July??)  This girl is so nuts she farts peanut butter!

She eventually let him have the kids and we five had a wonderful weekend without her.  Hub and I did decide to stay at the hotel instead of his house in case she showed up looking for drama!  The sad part about this whole thing is that my son loves this girl and wants to make it work for the kids.  My heart breaks for these sweet babies.

Swee'Pea I and II

So, back to knitting…I really enjoyed knitting this scarf and am already planning my next one!  I’ve decided to practice casting on, purling and binding off on some cheap yearn before I start my next scarf for my daughter.  So Lynn, I might be seeing you before Lisa Scottoline!!

Speaking of Lisa Scottoline, I finally got around to reading one of her books, “Look Again”,  and I’m hooked!  The book flowed smoothly and I was immediately interested in each of the characters.


About JJ

“"Being Irish, he had an abiding sense of tragedy, which sustained him through temporary periods of joy.'” William Butler Yeats
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7 Responses to Just Knitting Around

  1. Good grief – I hadn’t seen you before like that. You’re a beautiful lady! I’m officially jealous now, lol.

    The scarf is gorgeous, too. The crazy woman in your son’s world… not so much, sadly. I hope he outgrows her soon so his children have a chance at a somewhat stable life.

  2. Joan says:

    Awww, thanks so much and no need to be jealous!! It’s all in the lighting!! heeheehee

  3. catsoul says:

    So then, another day, another knitting project. Your scarf looks great, good well done, and the color looks good on you. Lisa Scottoline’s novels are a fine read. I remember reading alot of her books in the late 90’s or so. I will have to revisit her because I am sure that she has probably written alot more. Your Yeat’s quote says it all. Take care, and knitting maybe a saviour!! It works well for me, sometimes I am in a knitting frenzy!!!! =^..^=

  4. Lynn says:

    I say lets have a knit/chai get together SOON! And…are we on for Lisa?

    • JJ says:

      We are definitely on for Lisa!!!! You’re in my calendar for the 14th! I wouldLOVE to have a knit and chai very soon! What’s a good night for you? Tuesdays are my only “bad night” – I work until 7:30 on those nights!

  5. Lynn Fisher says:

    11th or 15th? Then off to OKC for a week to visit the boy.

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