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History Repeats Itself

Remember this cute, little hat? Well, once again, in the land of the Sea Hag, no good deed goes unpunished.  On Saturday night, I was missing Popeye and so I decided to send him the above picture to kind of … Continue reading

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Check it out!

So, here is the hat that I just finished knitting for my granddaughter.  It really wasn’t hard at all AND I discovered halfway through it, that I was purling backwards. Sorry, Lynn, I thought I was following your directions, but … Continue reading

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Hate Her

Look what my idiot daughter-in-law did to my sweet grandson’s hair.  She is such an idiot that she doesn’t know how to lock her Facebook and so I have become a “Facebook Stalker”. Several times a day I go to … Continue reading

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How many teaspoons in a scoop?

Sorry, I haven’t been around but after thinking about, I’ve come to the decision that I might need to increase the spoonfull of serotonin to a scooper full of serotonin. I’ve been feeling really sad again – unnaturally so. I … Continue reading

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