All Things Considered, it Went Swimmingly.

Below is a copy of the letter I sent to Popeye regarding his visit last weekend in response to an angry letter he sent me.

#1.  Who would have watched the kids when we were in the bar?  A bar is not a place for kids.  (He was angry that my sisters, my daughter  and I went to the bar after my mother’s party to share a “Job Well Done” drink and we didn’t invite him and the kids)

#2.  In the past, every time I offer you guys the blow up mattresses, you turn your noses up at them and sleep on the couches.  I made sure that the small room was painted and finished before you got there so that the Swee’Peas would have a place to sleep and I figured you two could sleep on the couches – I had NO IDEA that Swee’Pea #1 would not want to sleep in “her” room.  (He was angry that my daughter didn’t give up her room so that he and his family could all sleep in the same room)

 #3.  I refuse to answer for your father’s actions. (His father spent little time with them and spent all Father’s Day replacing the bathroom sind.  Who the hell knows why????)

#4.  I now realize that “Cruella de Vil”  (her hair is now half black and half-white – heeheehee, I thought this was pretty funny!!) was punishing me for some imagined slight and that’s why she kept the kids from me since Sunday afternoon.

#5.  I have to assume that since she hates us so much that we are not welcome at your home anymore (I don’t want her to perform her disappearing act like she did in March) so, I guess we won’t be seeing you in August for Swee’Pea #1’s  birthday.  (I know she will be sorely disappointed!)

#6.  She is a jealous, immature witch – she can’t stand that we have a nice home and some savings and a hard-work ethic.  We pay our bills instead of getting tattoos and piercings that drain our checking account.  We Johnsons work hard every day to get what we have,  as opposed to her family who are parasites to society – looking for ways to live off of disability and welfare and whatever state-offered benefit they can steal. (Needs no explanation)

 #7.  I love you very much and I am sorry that you are stuck with her.  I look forward to seeing you and the kids in Brooma11. (He told me she will never come to our home again.)


About JJ

“"Being Irish, he had an abiding sense of tragedy, which sustained him through temporary periods of joy.'” William Butler Yeats
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5 Responses to All Things Considered, it Went Swimmingly.

  1. Poundheadhere says:

    I’m so sorry you and your family are saddled with someone like Sea Hag. There are poor people who work hard and appreciate and respect other people who do the same. Sadly all too many are what you described. As a former food stamp case worker I’ve seen it all ;(

    • JJ says:

      I used to work at the welfare office too! Back in the 70’s, so I know exactly what you are saying. Both of her parents were on disability for years – Mom “fell” at Walmart……….need I say more? You know, I really don’t get upset anymore – the insanity is always expected!

  2. poolagirl says:

    I can’t even begin to describe how sad I feel about this whole thing. He might come to his senses someday. Thinking of you, my sweet pal.

  3. Jean says:

    Oh my. It’s just one fricking thing after another for you, dammit! I have had and continue to have plenty of the same in my family (not my kids – yet (keeping fingers crossed)) and have finally made peace with the situation. Granted – it would be 1,000,000x harder with your child than with your brother or sister or other relative, but what I’ve learned is (drum roll):

    You can’t fix (capital T) The (capital C) Crazy. You can’t have reasonable expectations of The Crazy. You can’t be disappointed repeatedly by the actions/reactions of The Crazy. Nothing that’s within your power to do can make The Crazy not crazy. Supporting/enabling The Crazy only proves to it that IT IS RIGHT!!!! The Crazy makes up bizarre and sometimes dangerous rules as it goes along. The Crazy never gives a shit if they hurt or ruin people or events or relationships. The Crazy doesn’t respond in any reasonable way to ultimatums and is totally unfazed by dramatic consequences. The Crazy is self absorbed, egocentric and finds a crazy way to make every single thing in their world all about them. The Crazy wants all the attention and prefers getting it from DRAMA. Good choices, hard work, etc. doesn’t get The Crazy everyone’s focus for long periods of time like trauma.

    Once I accepted these facts, my life and mind were much more at peace. It wasn’t easier to have these people in my world, because The Crazy had taken up permanent residence in more than a few in my gene pool, but I wasn’t a passive victim to it anymore.

    Sending good thoughts and strength for you to deal with this in the best possible way to support and nurture the grandbabies. Children, as always, are the most innocent victims of The Crazy.

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