Conning Contractor

So, remember the addition that we were having built on the back of our house? The $54,000.00 addition? The addition that started in May 2011? The addition that forced me off my screened in porch in May when they removed the supports and dug the hell out of my back yard and left my property looking like a quarry?
It is still not done. Not even close to being done despite the contractors repeated assurances that it would be completed by Christmas.
Now, I have been “running” the bills in my family for almost 35 years. I decide what to pay and when to pay it. I decide what car to buy, what mattress to sleep on, what restaurant to eat at and what hotel to stay in when we visit Popeye and the Swee’Peas.
I chose this contractor. I felt he was honest and a go-getter.
Here’s what I did wrong – I made the error that we have all been warned against. No, I was not a borrower or a lender. No, I was not walking around in dirty underwear and did not get in an accident. No, I did not jump in the water five minutes after eating lunch. I didn’t even talk about religion or politics at a party.
Well then, I’m assuming you are asking, , what the hell did you do wrong?
I’ll tell you what I did. I hired a family friend’s son to do the project. He is a contractor and I wanted to give him a leg-up. You know, give business to someone I know could use it. Only after I signed the contracts did his mother tell me that they think he has ADD since he jumps from one project to another and does not handle money very well.
If I had to tally up the man hours spent on this project since May, I would have to honestly say it can’t be more than 168 hours – that’s 24 hours x 7 days….and I’m being generous here. The contractor actually had the brass balls to email me today requesting more money. Little does he know that I’m headed to VA tomorrow with my checkbook and he’s not getting another penny out of me until after Christmas.


About JJ

“"Being Irish, he had an abiding sense of tragedy, which sustained him through temporary periods of joy.'” William Butler Yeats
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2 Responses to Conning Contractor

  1. Jiminy Christmas, $54,000.00??? You can buy a whole house for that in some parts of town here!

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