Antibiotics and Additions

I think Poolie made me sick.  I was fine and then I read about how she was feeling sick and now I’m sick with a cough and a runny nose and plugged ears and ugh!!!!  I’m on an antibiotic and I just sent Hub to his doctor appointment at 11:15 because he sounds worse than me.  Poolie  made my husband sick and he doesn’t even read her blog!!  Girlfriend has some strong mojo!

Poolie is also nudging – alright pushing – us to get back to blogging – to stop using Facebook as our only way to make people think or laugh or get pissed off.  She’s right, you know, because where do those posts go when you get tired of scrolling on your I phone?  I’m going to start printing out my blog posts and compiling that big mess of thoughts and words and tears and laughs and snarky comments into something that my kids and grandkids can hold and read when I’ve crossed over to the great beyond.  I can just hear those sweet little great grand children saying to their parents, “Mommy, why did Nana complain so much?”.  Hahahaha!

My Facebook posts? Meh, not worth saving.

So here’s a little idea of what’s been going on at the Johnson ranch. Can you tell I’ve started reading  The Pioneer Woman’s blog and watching her show?   I know I read some blogs a while back whose writers were mad because they felt PW  had sold out to big business or something, but I say, “Hey, if you can make money writing, then YEEHAW  girl, you go right ahead and do it!!  And now she has a cooking show with easy recipes on Saturday mornings – all from one little ol’ blog!!!  I just might bust my britches!

The addition is not finished yet.  We had to sic the architect on our contractor.  The architect found flagrant cost cutting errors in the framing and foundation.  Hub texted and called and emailed the contractor.  I then  pulled in the Mom card and called the contractor and left him a message that if he didn’t get this fixed right away I was going to tell his mother that he is a thief.  Yeah, that didn’t work either!

So, here’s what my deck used to look like.

A Cool Summer Evening

…and here’s a little picture of the area under the deck before the blue blob arrived. (That’s my brother-in-law and nephew enjoying the green, not knowing the horror that would soon descend upon the neighborhood)

Lovely Green Grass

This is what my deck looks like now as we struggle to turn this into a four season room.

Lots of Windows and Windex!

Brick Wall Remains

New Entrance to the House

The washer and dryer will be in that opening on the right!   No more lugging laundry baskets down two flights of stairs into the basement! My knees will get some relief!

The Blue Blob

I’ve been looking at that same blue tarp and mud since August.  Uggghhh.

So, basically they cut the legs off of my deck in May of 2011 and it is February of 2012 and I still have nowhere to hide when the family is annoying me or display my once beautiful African violets“““““““““““`.  Sorry, Lola just typed that with her paw!  She is as upset as I am.

Alright, enough complaining for today.  I’m aheading to the kitchen to rustle me up some pork and beans or Afrin and Advil – whichever is easiest.


About JJ

“"Being Irish, he had an abiding sense of tragedy, which sustained him through temporary periods of joy.'” William Butler Yeats
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4 Responses to Antibiotics and Additions

  1. Wow! I didn’t know I had that mojo! And YOU, my dear, are an excellent writer! Glad to see you are lifting the basket and letting your light shine. YESSSSS!

  2. Welcome back. Sorry to hear you and the spousal unit were attacked by Poolie’s mojo. She really needs to tone it down a bit.

    Here’s hoping your deck gets finished and is awesome! You’ve certainly waited long enough.

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