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Solitude or Agoraphobia?

As I walked out of the house this morning, I remembered that I have a hair dresser appointment scheduled for 6:00 tonight. I then realized that I had nothing to read!!! Oh the horror! I can’t imagine sitting somewhere – … Continue reading

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Getting Ready

We are getting ready to drive down to Virginia next Friday for our grandson, Dominic’s 2nd birthday. Very excited! First of all, I can’t wait to squeeze those babies; secondly, I’m looking forward to seeing Popeye who started back to … Continue reading

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Bradford Pear Trees

I changed my header to a picture of Bradford Pear trees.   I am not a huge fan of Spring but I do love this beautiful tree.  When we are ready to landscape the back yard, I’d love to plant a … Continue reading

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A Little Chat

My friend JK kept hiding from me and I was getting sadder and sadder as opposed to angrier and angrier.  Then something terrible happened. A few years ago, JK’s mom left her a trailer home in New Jersey when she … Continue reading

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You’re My Hero

We find heroes in the oddest places.   I found two this week. When someone is fired at my company, the HR director wheels a library cart piled high with empty Staples’ boxes over to the victim’s desk.  The cart … Continue reading

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Lost Money, Lost Friend

How do you work in an office with a woman who has been your friend for over 25 years and whose son has just stolen your life savings? I now know exactly how the people felt who lost their investments … Continue reading

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My Contractor is a Douche Bag

Haven’t updated because I’ve been too busy writing letters to our contractor who took all our money and then abandoned the job. Below is the most recent letter: Can you guess how many cars my husband had to fix to … Continue reading

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