A Little Chat

My friend JK kept hiding from me and I was getting sadder and sadder as opposed to angrier and angrier.  Then something terrible happened.

A few years ago, JK’s mom left her a trailer home in New Jersey when she passed away.  JK lives in a small apartment here in PA and would spend all of her summer weekends at the trailer with her family and friends.  She loves the Jersey shore and loved treating her grandchildren to a weekend down the shore.

Well, apparently, her idiot son/my contractor told her to leave the water and electricity on in the trailer over the winter so he could do some improvements to it over the winter.  She left the water on – the pipes burst and the water heater ran for several months as it continued to heat the water that was flooding the trailer.  Her idiot son/my contractor was responsible for managing JK’s money and he ignored the electric bill until the bill was totalling over $1000.00.  JK finally called the electric company and they verified the amount of the bill and stated someone must be living in the trailer.  JK called the manager of the trailer park who immediately checked it out and discovered the broken pipes, the flood and every single wall, appliance, curtain, window, shirt, skirt and flip-flop that was covered in black mold.

The cost of rehabbing the trailer is about $20,000,00 – coincidentally about how much her son stole from us and how much it will cost us to hire someone else to finish our addition.  Yep, Karma sucks; however, I didn’t get any joy from this.

I called JK yesterday and left a message letting her know that I felt so bad for her and that I knew she was devastated.  Then tonight, I asked her to meet me at the local diner where we were able to sort out everything.  I gave her a short synopsis of what her son has done to us and where we are stuck financially, but I then told her that I didn’t want to discuss that with her again and that I am going to let the lawyers figure everything out.  I would have loved to have been able to pump her for every piece of information I could get out of her about her deadbeat son but I pretty much knew that wasn’t going to be very productive.

She just kept thanking me for coming to her and she said she was afraid to come to me.  I kept saying, “JK, did you think I was going to punch you or something?”  She said exactly what all of you said – she was embarrassed and horrified.

I’m glad that my friend and I are talking; however, I’m still going to nail her son’s ass to the wall.


About JJ

“"Being Irish, he had an abiding sense of tragedy, which sustained him through temporary periods of joy.'” William Butler Yeats
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11 Responses to A Little Chat

  1. poolagirl says:

    Good thing you got the communication between yourselves squared away. Blessings.

  2. Bex says:

    You took the high road and it paid off. Good. Losing $20 K isn’t insignificant and the lawyers definitely need to do their thing here. Although it’s hard to see where any money will be coming from for a settlement since this bum probably has no insurance for himself!

  3. Judy Miller says:

    She might as well get a new trailer because she will have problems with mold underneath the trailer and in all the insulation and walls…………sorry for her–apparently her son is a real idiot to be so uncaring of his own mother;s property!

    • JJ says:

      Our mutual friend saw it this weekend – he said that it looks MUCH worse than any story could describe. I truly feel bad for her!

  4. yankeechick says:

    I’m so glad you worked things out with your friend! How sad for her that she has such an asshat for a son, tho’. And yeah, what Jean said. In a trailer…..she will never get rid of all the mold and that can be a very dangerous health issue. I know of a lady here in AR that had a mold issue in her trailer, and it actually ‘invaded her body’ and she is dying as a result of it. Sort of like cancer. Best to just take her losses on that completely! That’s some scary stuff.
    Good luck with your interview, BTW. I well imagine your voice is just lovely, just as it is, silly goose!!

    • JJ says:

      Well Peggy, maybe one day I’ll do a video like you and Poolie and Terri did and then you’ll hear my nasalness (is nasalness a word?) Anyway, I’m going to let JK know about these mold stories so she knows she can’t fool around with it.

  5. twisterjester says:

    How sad that her son has caused so much grief. You’re right to go after him, if for no other reason than to prevent him from wreaking havoc on anyone else

    • JJ says:

      OMG, I am going to smack the stuffing right out of you…The fact that people do not hold doors for you or cut in front of you at the meat counter or Panera has nothing to do with how pretty you are, is because people are not raised like you and I were. People are so rude and involved in the phone, or computer, or whatever they have their nose shoved into, that they are too busy to look up and see the beauty around them. You are an amazing person Joanie, You come from GREAT stock, and I am proud of you, and I as well as a bunch of other women, (overweight or not) “middle aged” mothers of married daughters and sons…. who want to tell you to take another look in that mirror….

      • JJ says:

        Terry, I changed your comment just to remove my full name….don’t need the Sea Hag googling me! Thanks for your great comment – i think Primrose would be very proud of her granddaughters!

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