I had my annual mammogram today and passed with flying colors.  The best part about this mammogram (besides the good results) is that I didn’t have to schedule it.  Our local medical center has something called “Walk-in Wednesday” for mammograms.  All you need is your prescription and some identification and you can get your mammo – no worrying about it for weeks ahead of time. The office called 5 hours later with the good news. 

I’ve been so busy lately with all of the bullshit related to the addition and the contractor abandoning the job and running off with our money.  I have sent letters to his lawyer and packets to the State Attorney General’s office, the local district attorney, the Better Business Bureau Channel 3, and a local bulldog reporter,

Nothing, nada, zilch.  No one has been able to help us – they basically tell us that this happens all the time and there’s nothing that can be done except a legal judgement against him which we may never collect on.  We were given the name of a great lawyer and he hasn’t called us back.

His lawyer told me that I am malicious in my attempt to destroy his personal and professional reputation.  I kinda think he ruined his own reputation but the lawyer doesn’t see it that way.  I couldn’t get away from this.  I wasn’t doing anything – no cooking or cleaning or knitting or writing or reading or watching the Phillies.  I came home every night and threw myself on the couch and cried.  Then suddenly, something quietly snapped. I woke up on Monday morning after about two hours of sleep and there was a sense of peace surrounding me – I’m even uncomfortable talking about that thief right now – it’s like I’m moving backwards so…enough of that crap – I’m moving forward.

Alright – how weird was that??? I’m writing about how I’m moving forward and the carpenter who worked on our house just stopped by to see how much work we were able to get done on our own.   How nice is that??!! 

I’m watching “Sister Wives” right now – seriously I could not do this!!  I’m telling you, I could not share my husband – no how, no way!!  Lots of times, I don’t particularly want him, but I sure as hell don’t want anyone else to have him!  How do these women do it?? How can they accept knowing it’s not their night in the rotation even though they may really need to talk to their husband that night about something that was making them laugh or cry or worry or whatever…

I think they’re just being nice for the cameras, they probably rip each others’ hair out when the cameras are gone.  One can only hope…



About JJ

“"Being Irish, he had an abiding sense of tragedy, which sustained him through temporary periods of joy.'” William Butler Yeats
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4 Responses to Squish-o-gram!!

  1. When I married the first time I think I would’ve been fine with sharing. Later I’d have happily given him away to anyone who would have him.

    I still hope you can get some kind of help on your contractor situation. It may happen all the time but that doesn’t make it acceptable. And I’d say I can’t believe his lawyer would say that – but I do. It’s slimy and inexcusable and that, too, happens all the time.

  2. Robin (originally from South Philly) says:

    “We were given the name of a great lawyer and he hasn’t called us back.” Based on his non-response, perhaps he’s not a “great” lawyer. Have you contacted Registrar of Contractors about contractor abandoning the job? Someone with authority must be available for resolution. Sorry you’re going through this.

  3. poolagirl says:

    I am so glad you are finding peace again. What a nightmare! We are having work done at the museum with a shady guy. If he wasn’t working on a government contract, I know he would have taken his $50,000 and run. Where do these people come from????

  4. Bex says:

    The carpenter who just stopped by to see how you were doing… he isn’t the creepy one is he? I lost track…

    You do need to let it go from your worry-list. Worrying about stuff never solved anything. You have done what you could. But losing that much money is sickening, but it IS only money and your peace of mind is worth much more than that, surely.

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