No More Niqab!

See this?



I consider myself a liberal. I appreciate all religions, races and creeds. I appreciate our differences in this big “melting pot” of the USA.

I’m not afraid that in the future, whites will be outnumbered in the USA. Skin color will be shades of chocolate and who doesn’t like chocolate?? I’ve wandered from my Catholic religion and I enjoy learning about other religions and the way people invite God into their lives.

But I go absolutely ape shit when I see these women walking around Walmart, APE SHIT CRAZY!!!!! Why does it bother me so much? I don’t know!! I’m thinking it may be the “specter” presence that they portray. Here I am, fat, dumb and happy wandering in the cat food aisle and the next thing I know, Charles Dickens’s Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come appears at the end of the aisle. I keep waiting for him/her to point at me and lead me to a wintry churchyard to view my grave.

And that’s another thing – sometimes I look at these women and I*’m convinced there’s a man underneath those robes just waiting to pounce on me and steal my pocketbook.

And one more thing – if I went to Paris, I wouldn’t wear a big old sweatshirt with a USA flag emblazoned across the front, so why do these women wear these things in the USA.

Seriously,can someone help me with this?


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“"Being Irish, he had an abiding sense of tragedy, which sustained him through temporary periods of joy.'” William Butler Yeats
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6 Responses to No More Niqab!

  1. poolagirl says:

    It creeps me out too. Do you read kitchenblogic? She feels the same way.

  2. Robin (originally from South Philly) says:

    Some haven’t a choice. They are the property of their (insert male family member here). If they stray they will pay consequence, including death. Usually I don’t care about religious beliefs of others, excluding terrorist fanatics. I do NOT and will NOT appreciate/tolerate terrorists from any religions. Murder, war and terrorism all in the name of religion. No thanks.

  3. I am all for freedom of religion. Using religion as a veneer for cruelty and oppression is something else again.

  4. Bex says:

    Just like some businesses are banning “hoodie” covered heads on young people (mostly) because you can’t see with whom you are dealing (and also the hidden cameras can’t see their identities), I think these garments should be adjusted here in this country to comply with our transparency ideas. I don’t know their religious teachings regarding keeping covered up but I would have to agree that here in the U.S. the face at least should be visible in public places.

  5. 67andgood says:

    I believe it is a religious requirement but I always agree that if you are living in another country ~ you should comply with some of that country’s requirements…LIKE LEARNING TO SPEAK THAT COUNTRY’S LANGUAGE….. And in times such as ours, it just seems very “rude” to be dressing that way.

  6. herstory07 says:

    I teach world history and have covered this a few times this semester. Many Taliban-controlled areas mandate partial to full covering of a woman’s hair… body… or everything. Thus part makes me crazy… they tie it the Quran (Koran) because a woman’s beauty causes men to sin. There’s more to it… but I’m on my phone… no power back yet. We haven’t seen more than hajbib (sp) aka head scarves. I haven’t seen full on burkas yet though…

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