Plus One

Plus One
Those two words will be the death of me.

We have a very tight guest list for our daughter’s wedding. I am actually more flexible than my daughter is regarding the list. None of the groomsmen or her fiancé’s friends is in long term relationships so none of them received a plus one invite.

My nephew and my son are not in long term relationships so they didn’t get a plus one.

Everyone else who is invited think it’s their God-given right to add a plus one to the invitation. Starting with the unwed mother next door who wrote in a man’s name on the card and let us know that he wanted the filet mignon. The jury is still out on whether we are allowing him to come.

The best man’s mother (divorced – not in a relationship) wants a PLUS ONE because she has anxiety issues and doesn’t want to drive that far by herself. SHE WAS DENIED.

The groom’s Aunt and Uncle want a fu@king PLUS TWO so that their 45 year old daughter and her husband (whom the groom barely knows) can drive them because they don’t like to drive at night. THEY WERE DENIED.

The groom’s Uncle demanded a fu@king PLUS TWO so that his two middle school children (one of whom defecates when angry) can attend – HE WAS DENIED.

Everyday, I am afraid to open my own mailbox.


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“"Being Irish, he had an abiding sense of tragedy, which sustained him through temporary periods of joy.'” William Butler Yeats
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18 Responses to Plus One

  1. Poolie says:

    People are sooooo clueless! You purchase wedding catering per PLATE, people! And those PLATES are expensive!

  2. Bex says:

    Wow, at this point I’d entertain the idea of sending all these two-fers a little card saying “Never mind, we eloped last weekend!”

  3. Robin (originally from South Philly) says:

    We decided not to invite children at our wedding (1972). Invitation was addressed to my widower co-worker (no plus one). He wrote in the name of his teenage daughter. My Mother told me I should explain I couldn’t make an exception for him. It was awkward for me but I did just that. Oy!

    • JJ says:

      See???? Why do we have to be put in an embarrassing position when THEY are the ones not following the rules of etiquette????

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      • Robin (originally from South Philly) says:

        Because they’re not using common sense; not very bright; or rules don’t apply to them.

  4. How terribly, sadly rude. I am so sorry you have to deal with this BS

    • JJ says:

      Thanks Miss L. I’m just shocked that people are doing this!! This isn’t a backyard barbecue where I can invite 500 guests- this is a wedding in a venue that can hold a certain amount of people at a high cost for each person! So upsetting! But, at least my blog buds agree with me!

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  5. herstory07 says:

    Deficates when angry?? Well, that’s shit is something else!

    • JJ says:

      Hahaha, I tell ya, they try their best to keep this kid happy!

      • herstory07 says:

        I would, too. However… how long before this kid is a teenager and crapping his pants when he isn’t happy? Sounds like they need to stop the pandering now…
        Best of luck w/ the insanity of the wedding. Been there for my own w/ people calling the DAY BEFORE to tell us they can come… and my mom and dad paying a LOT more for people, only to have 14 not show up. Crazy.

  6. 67andgood says:

    Stay strong…so many of those same people would not hesitate to cancel or just not show up…and they probably wouldn’t bring a gift either. It’s your daughter’s wedding and it’s her decision…..

  7. Lynn says:

    I’m not looking forward to any of this. S & R are only inviting 60 max people. The venue can hold more, but we’re having it on a Thursday night. No out of towners which I think is going to help a lot. Thanks for the heads up re: plus one…my ass!

  8. Judy Miller says:

    Well, back in the day when my daughter’s got married we didn’t have “plus ones”–we had a little box where the invitee put in a number of quests attending. But, as with today’s society, people are just much ruder then the old days.

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