The Wedding!!!

It’s weird – I’ve almost been afraid to blog again.
So many wonderful things have happened since I last wrote and so many heart-breaking things have happened.
Our daughter was married on December 8th and it was a wonderful, magical event! Everything fell into place effortlessly. There were no “hiccups”, or if there were, our guests were too polite to mention it! The venue was decorated like a winter wonderland, the food was out of this world, and the music was fantastic. Of course, I would have loved to sit down and visit with every single guest, but there’s never time for that at a wedding!
L. J. and her groom wanted a “smooth” wedding and smooth they got. There were no interruptions – no cake cutting ceremony with people screaming, “Smash it in his face!!!” L. J. refused to wear a garter which happily cut out the throwing of the bouquet and the garter to all the single guys and gals. Very few posed pictures. She and her father had a lovely dance to “The Way you Look Tonight” and Hub and I actually were able to dance to our wedding song, “Evergreen”, by Barbra Streisand.
I have to laugh because Hub cried all night, whereas I was pretty much dry eyed throughout the event. My Mom kept announcing to everyone who commented on my unruffled demeanor that I was on Effe%or – thanks, Mom…but it probably was the Effe%or that kept me so calm.
So, here are some pictures and yep, that’s Popeye walking me down the aisle. He made it to his sister’s wedding which was a wonderful thing…









About JJ

“"Being Irish, he had an abiding sense of tragedy, which sustained him through temporary periods of joy.'” William Butler Yeats
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10 Responses to The Wedding!!!

  1. Bex says:

    So glad that the day went well, Effe%or or not. Staying calm at a wedding, let alone your own daughter’s wedding, is quite an accomplishment. Love the simplicity of her dress, very nice and very modern with the black accent… a nice memory for forever.

  2. *Hugs* You are truly awesome, do you know that? You pulled together a lovely wedding and did it with dry eyes throughout? That’s amazing!

  3. poolagirl says:

    You created a miracle. With your children, with your moments, with yourself. You truly rock!

    • JJ says:

      Thanks, Poolie! There was so much happiness that day and I’m glad we were able to make our daughter’s dream come true! She is truly a blessing to us….bossy, but still a blessing!!!😏

  4. Terri T. says:

    Sounds like the big day was enjoyable and special for everyone in your family. Hope the joy continues throughout 2013.

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