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Positive Changes

Do you remember that the contractor who stole all that money from us was the son of a very good friend of mine? Well, when her son cut off all communication with me, I started bugging Friend for information – … Continue reading

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Bargains Galore!

Having been raised in an orphanage and never having any money, my mom loves to shop at thrift shops. She takes great delight in showing off her “bargains” to all of us. I don’t think Mom has purchased anything retail … Continue reading

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Sunshine Award!!

   I was nominated for a Sunshine Award by Poolie!!! She likes me, she really likes me!! I completed the survey and listed all of my favs and set up links and then WordPress chewed it up and spit it out … Continue reading

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See this beautiful face, that sweet little mouth? How could so much “already-been-chewed” kibble come out of one kitten? Woke up to a mess this morning. Heading back into the den with rubber gloves and carpet cleaner. Enjoy your weekend!!!! … Continue reading

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Cape May’s Concrete Ship

I wanted you all to see one of the reasons I fell in love with Cape May, NJ as a child. Every summer we went to Sunset Beach to find Cape May Diamonds . We also went to see the … Continue reading

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Spanx, but No Spanx!

Every time I attempt to write my blog, our female cat Lola (who hates everyone but me) decides that she must stretch across the lower part of my body. My arm is now scrunched up like a Tyrannosaurus Rex’s arms … Continue reading

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